Wind Power

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy to a useful and helpful form of energy. Wind turbines make electricity, windmills are used for mechanical power, and sails are used to propel ships. Large wind farms have several hundred single wind turbines that are connected to the electric power transmission network. Wind power is a plentiful and renewable alternative to fossil fuels. It is clean and uses up very little land. It is widely distributed worldwide.

Wind turbines are good for the environment because they use a completely renewable source of energy. Once they are installed, running costs are much lower than most other electrical generation systems. Wind power also avoids carbon dioxide emissions during operation.

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Solar Energy

Green Stuff Did you know that in just one hour, the sun can provide the earth with all of the energy that life on the planet needs in one year? The sun provides us with 10,000 times more than what we need. The sun also does this without any of the unpleasant side effects that fossil fuels give out such as air pollution, ozone depletion, and carbon dioxide. The greatest thing about the sun is that this resource will never run out in the next 5 billion years or even longer. To learn more about Wind and Solar Projects Limited Partnerships, go to CEP Capital.

Solar Energy Facts

-Solar energy is the absolute oldest source of energy in the world.

-Solar energy has been used by plants, animals, and microbial life as a primary energy source since the very start of life on Earth.

-Humans have just recently been able to capture solar energy so that it can be used at all times of day and night, in all weather, and can be stored and transferred.

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